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“Voicenotes for Trevor and Travels for Derek” is an infinitely looped video addressing themes of displacement and queer migration.  Blending screenshots of archival 16mm film together with HD video, the video journeys through undisclosed travel locations in order to arrive at Derek Jarman’s garden at Prospect Cottage in Dungeness, Kent, UK. Structured by a repeating Whatsapp voice note received from friend and queer elder Trevor Norris, this mini travelogue ponders the need for queers’ relocation in order to find safe haven. According to Wikipedia, 69 countries in the world still criminalize homosexuality, and at least 5 have the death penalty for it. Installed behind a Boeing 737 fuselage section, the video diptych invites the audience to recenter the experience of looking out from an airplane window; not as a passive observers, but rather, as active listeners to urgent testimonies.