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“Greenfield-Campoverde began his architectural explorations in his hometown, Caracas, Venezuela, but they could not be completed until he relocated to New York City where he began to notice how the built environment interacts with collective memory, nostalgia, longing, and forgetting. This set of drawings is thus based on Greenfield-Campoverde’s memories of the city of his birth, refracted and fragmented by the distance between Caracas and New York. The series incorporates visual cues from Tropical-Brutalist examples such as the “Teresa Carreño Theater Complex”—Venezuela’s answer to London’s Barbican, the unique Modernist postwar fantasy of the “Helicoide” building, and Corporate Post-Modernist ruins such as “La Torre de David.”

Though the drawings are done in the architecturally rigorous axonometric projection (these, unlike perspective drawings, can be measured to scale), the buildings portrayed are in no danger of being built. Rather, they are almost caricatures or hybrids of the examples mentioned above, once again remixed through the non-questioning observation of surroundings once experienced daily, and then urgently remembered when observation is no longer possible. Greenfield-Campoverde’s drawings thus show architecture almost as a mental state. He writes, “The drawings mimic the informal logic of Favelas, in that their growth is never planned—they begin at a vertex and continuously grow into imagined states of being or systems of dwellings.”

-AJ Artemel