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“The Mpox Diaries” chronicles the progression of the Mpox virus inside my body and the psychological effects of a three-week quarantine required by United Kingdom health officials at that time. 

Taking place between June 14th and July 1st of 2022, the video was partly inspired by Derek Jarman’s “Modern Nature” (1989-1991) - the self-styled diaries he wrote prior to his death of AIDS related complications in 1994. 

The video aims to convey the frustration wrought upon by isolation in the confines of my 45 square meter apartment in East London; and by extension, seeking to expand that space through domestic environments found in gay chat rooms online.

Predicated on the notion of not being able to touch other subjects due to transmission of the virus, the video reclaims the act of touch through digital screens as a political gesture while being self concious of the historical relationship between illness and gay male culture.