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Photo credits: Ethan Browning

Magical (un)Real: Entranced Land presents a survey of artists living and working in New York City whose subject matter presented in the exhibition is focused on Latin America. Borrowing its title from Glauber Rocha’s seminal 1967 film Terra em Transe (Transl. Entranced Land), the exhibition presents a cross section of artists rekindling their connections with the Latin American continent through the lens of a traveler, a researcher, or an expatriate. Like Rocha’s film, about a man trapped between political factions in the hypothetical country of El Dorado, the works in this exhibition emphasize the dialectics of a region mired in neoliberal and populist ideologies in the last three decades.

Magical (un)Real: Entranced Land aims to demystify the notion of a unified continent, encapsulating the diversity of narratives that shape contemporary Latin America. These contemporary reflections center on inequalities between races/classes and structural/political violence that continue to prevail throughout the ideological shifts in the recent decades. Through a sensibility strictly rooted in the politically poetic, some of the artists featured in the exhibition examine the Latin American political landscape through the lens of the ‘other’.

"Magical (un)Real: Entranced Land" a group show curated by Daniel Greenfield-Campoverde with Esperanza Mayobre at Momenta Art, Brooklyn, New York. May 20-June 30, 2016. Featuring works by Terence Gower, Myeongsoo Kim, Esperanza Mayobre + Angela Bonadies, Daniel Greenfield-Campoverde, Rachelle Mozman, Patricia Dominguez, Beatrice Glow and Claudia Peña-Salinas.